Our base at Lefkas Nikiana Port, 30 minutes drive from Aktio National Airport, situated ideally for both North and South Ionian sailing areas, is the ideal starting point for your journey to explore the Ionian Islands.

You are free to choose the islands you wish to visit and plan your own route!

North Ionian Sea


The northern most island in the Ionian Sea, with a coastline of 217km, amongst the most beautiful and popular islands of the country as well as the greenest.

Corfu has a cosmopolitan feeling combined with a special traditional character.

The Old Town is a gem for sightseeing, with the two Venetian fortresses, the interesting museums, Spianada Square and Liston Street, the wonderful paved street that is a copy of Rue de Rivoli in Paris. Apart from the sights in Town, very interesting places to visit  are also the Medieval Castles and monasteries in the inland, such as the Monastery of Paleokastritsa and Angelokastro; Sidari, Kassiopi and Acharavi -lovely villages with many sightseeings. Also Achilleion, a fairy palace built among cypresses and myrtles by the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, who wished to escape from the Austrian court. Elisabeth truly fell in love with the island, and she dedicated this palace to Achilles as she cherished the belief that he represented the very soul and fairness of Greece.

Corfu's best beaches are on the west coast, there are 57 to choose from! Paleokastritsa, the coast's largest resort, bordered by emerald waters, with sandy and pebbled coves and a green mountain backdrop. The long stretch of inviting sand and dunes between Lake Korission (freshwater) and Issos is one of the least spoilt stretches of Corfu's coast. Agios Gordis, Myrtiotissa, Sidari and Glyfada beaches are also absolutely worth visiting !

Holidays in Corfu can be easily  combined with other Ionian islands, such as Paxi and Antipaxi.

Paxi - Antipaxi

The smallest of the Ionian group, an island paradise!  An island with characteristic shape, like a lacy work of art, opposite the southeastern coast of Lefkada, and 7 miles south of Corfu.

According to mythology the islands of Paxos were created when Poseidon,the god of the sea,  hit the island of Corfu with his trident breaking off its southern tip in order to form Paxos, where he could keep his lover Amphitrite. The magical caves of Mogonissi, the caverns of the Sea Nymphs, will impress you. Tripitos with its natural stone bridge, the cliff of Mousmouliou, the Ortholithos (a great rock formation standing in the middle of the sea),Ahai with its continual caves, the impressive cliff of Erimitis ,the sunset from Agii Apostoli with a view of the cliff is a spectacular sight indeed,and the cave of Ipapanti are sights that nature carved over time for us to admire and enjoy.

The beaches are small in size and pebbly and have amazingly clean translucent waters. The most impressive are those of Gianna, Soulanenas, Balou, Agia Marina at Mogonissi, Kloni Gouli, Kamini, Kaki Lagada, Alati, Kipiadi, Marmaria, Levrehio, Glyfada, Monodendri, Arkoudaki, Orkos, Kanoni, Harami, Ahai, Avlaki and Galazio.

The tiny island of Antipaxi is located 2km south of Paxi and it is only 5 km2. Excellent wine is produced from traditional vineyards. You should also visit the spring of Kaloiri  and the taverns at Voutoumi Beach, high on the cliffs above as well as in Vrika at the northeastern tip and the clear, turquoise water and sandy beaches of Vrika & Voutoumi, accessible by boat only, popular yet idyllic, as well as the pebbly deserted beaches of Rodovani and Sarakiniko.

South Ionian Sea


The largest of the Ionian Islands. Characteristic features of the beautiful landscape are the noble fir forests; the currant vineyards; the olive groves; and wild flowers from which perfumes are made. The local wines are excellent. The capital of the island, Argostoli. Its delightfully situated some way up the gulf of Argostoli in a inlet so shallow that a British built causeway was constructed in 1813, to connect it with the rest of Kefalonia. 2.5km from the island's main port, Sami, is Melisani Cave, a subterranean sea-lake. Drogarati Cave has spectacular stalactites. KTEL organizes tours to both sites.
An exceptional white sandy beach is Myrtos. Nearby you will discover by boat, hidden coves wedged between tall limestone cliffs.


The long lost home of Homer’s Odysseus where his loyal wife Penelope waited patiently for his much-delayed homecoming.

Separated from Kefalonia by only 2 to 4km Ithaki is a calm, beautiful and unspoilt by tourism island with green mountains and deep emerald bays, perfect for a relaxing holiday.  It has very clear waters so is excellent for snorkelling and there are many different kinds and colours of fish to see. The bold outline of the cliffs is impressive. The coast is indented by numerous small harbors and creeks. Ancient Ithaca has been inhabited since the 3rd century BC, it was the long lost home of the mythical hero Odysseus.

Vathy, the main harbor and capital, is a small town of twisting streets and lovely cafes and tavernas. Descending down the lush mountainside into a charming little harbor is the small fishing village of Kioni. It is a very popular yachting destination. Kioni will almost certainly melt your heart with its clutch of tasty tavernas and view of three disused windmills across the bay.

The best beaches lie on the stretch of coast between Kioni and Frikes.

You’ll want to visit the Cave of Nymphs,also known as Marmarospili, which is a large cavern about 2.5 km south west of Vathy. This is reputed to be the place where Odysseus hid his treasures.

Ithaca offers those who like walking some excellent walking opportunities, it’s compact nature ensures dramatic scenery changes over short distances on walks (ranging from 5km to 13km) that can reveal 360-degree views of the sea and surrounding islands  (see www.ithacagreece.com for information on walking tracks)

The tiny island of Atokos is situated on windy channel halfway between Ithaca and Kastos island. The island rises like an extinct volcano from the sea bed and is mostly rocky and steep-to around its coasts. There is one bay on the southern east, popularly known as One House Bay, which is the only suitable anchorage for an overnight stop. It is a beautiful island that we absolutely recommend you visit even for a quick dive in its crystal clear water but please note that there are no facilities on the island whatsoever!


One of the best anchorages in the Ionian Sea, a picturesque island only 4 nautical miles southeast of Lefkada. The quite life, the magnificent sceneries, the hospitable residents, the picturesque bays with the fish taverns, the restaurants and entertainment shops, the splendid view, the green landscapes and the crystal waters, create an ideal place for the summer holidays. It consists of three scenic villages with unique beauties: Vathi, Katomeri and Spartochori. Spartochori is a beautiful village with traditional houses and narrow streets, built on a hill overlooking the sea and the wonderful natural environment of the region. Its port is the Spilia Bay harbor in the cove, where you can tie your boat.

Do not forget to visit the cave of Giovani and the cave Papanikolis, sanctuary of the legendary submarine during World War II.

There are many beaches you can visit such as Limonari,  Spilia , Fanari and Agios Ioannis  which are organized but also some not organized beaches to swim such as Korakofolia, Elia, Passoumaki and Mpaemparezou (especially if you enjoy diving from the rocks). Last but not least Beretta beach, at the southern tip of the island which is accessible only by boat.

You could also sail through the complex of the nearby smallest islands of Thilia, Kythros and Skorpios. The latter is mainly known as the private island of the late Greek shipping billionaire Aristotle Onassis and was currently sold to Ekaterina Rybolovleva, daughter of Russian billionare.


Our base! The wild white rocks of the cape where poet Sapfo ended her life in the name of love gave the island its name. Lefkada is an island of unique natural beauty, an harmonious combination of mountains,dense forests, olive groves, lagoons and of course the sea.

Lefkada is mainly known for its incredible, both pebbled and sand beaches. Some of the best beaches on the west coast include Kathisma, with a white pebbly sand, blue-green water and high waves, Ai Yannis, preferred by wind and kite surfers, Aghios Nikitas, Ammoudoula and Porto Katsiki, a truly unique white sanded beach surrounded by huge white rocks.Last but certainly not least, Egremni, a famous beach 2km long surrounded by impressive cliffs, considered to be one of the best of the Mediterranenan with the landscape resembling the Caribbean.

If you are addicted to action or a supporter of relaxation be sure that Lefkada offers a wide selection of sport activities  for all people of all ages. You can find licensed schools for windsurfing, kitesurfing,  diving, waterskiing, paragliding, horsing, mountain-biking, hiking and other sports.

Look for and seek to try local salami, palamidi cooked in roof tiles, savoro , local ‘Vertzami’ wine, soumada, lentils from the village of Eglouvi and honey from Dragano and Athani.  

Around Lefkada there are 10 smallest islands,with Meganisi,Kalamos andKastos being amongst the largest. Kalamos with its forested, alpine islet is gorgeous and a very popular destination for sailing as well. The beach Fokotripa in the north side of Kastos island is not to be missed- 30 meters deep with a sandy beach the area had been shelter to seals.


The third largest island of the Ionian Sea, also known by its Italian name, Zante.

Blue caves can be found on the northern tip of Zakinthos not far from Cape Skinari. Famous for their stunning shade of blue seas and rock formations it is definitely the ideal location to grab your cameras and explore them!

Smugglers Cove also known as Navagio has to be the most famous beach on the island if not in Greece. On the North West of the island over 20 years ago a coaster carrying contraband cigarettes was wrecked and washed on the beach that formed smugglers cove. The sandy and pebbly beach is only accessible by boat.

Some of the beaches you should definitely visit are Laganas, Tsilivi, Argassi, Skinari, Agios Sostis and Psarou.

Greece is the only European country where the logger headed turtles (Caretta, Caretta) nest and Zakinthos is the most important nesting area in the Mediterranean.

Look for and seek to try the semi-dry wine mastelado of the area, sgantzeto, pantseta, ladotyri, chiromeri, mantolato and pastel!
You should also visit the small unhabitated island of Marathonissi which is situated opposite Keri Bay and is only accessible by boat. Its amazing greenery and stunning rock formations and caves and beautiful sandy beaches will make you feel as though you are in paradise!


Feel free to contact us for further advice on route plans and suggestions for places to visit before your holiday!

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