Thematic Sailing

Sail-A-Way organizes interactive and experiential sailing trips in the Ionian Islands. These sailing trips form the required environment in which our guests will not only admire the natural beauty of Greece by exploring its seas and mainland, but also to get few things back home from the local community, the Ionian Culture and the Greek Civilization. Therefore, we have carefully designed four sailing routes, which combine an enjoyable and educative sailing cruise, with a variety of exciting activities.

Some of the activities are:

1. visits to important archaeological/historical sites and local museums,
2. astronomy under clear skies away from the light pollution of a town,
3. hiking and cycling in fruitful paths and picturesque villages,
4. spearfishing for the most fresh fish,
5. freediving and snorkelling in fishing points and clear waters,
6. basic sailing lessons,
7. local gastronomy and
8. participation in local festivals
9. Photography lessons

The combination of sailing with the activities above, attracts travelers who expect something more from their holidays, such as a deep spiritual bonding and qualitative knowledge of the place they visit. So, simply, after having enjoyed some days sailing in the Ionian Sea you get a proper feeling and taste of Greek Hospitality and Culture. Our only promise is that you will make your plans to come back.

A. Emotional cartography 4-11 June – 780€/person

The workshop will explore concepts of emotional cartographies and subjective territories
in relation to the sailing journey. The sailing boat is taking the role of a reflective and
creative space that allows our emotions to unfold through multi-layered maps and mixed
media techniques. The workshop will refer to narrative cartographies, collage making
and map drawings by creating a subjective atlas of emotions based on the sailing
journey. The creative process will be open without limitations on the media. The
creations can be mixed media and the participants will allow their imagination and
emotional responses to play with the geographical aspect of the journey.


B. Soundscapes recording 18-25 June – 870€/person

This is a week-long soundscapes recording residency. Residents will learn extended
recording techniques using a variety of microphones both for deep water recordings and
soundscapes. They will explore the sounds of the Ionian visiting various locations. Their
activities include underwater recordings of the Ionian sea, the landscape of Paxous and
other remote islands. Everyday life, every place and location will act as a soundscape
inspiration; not only through the recordings undertaken in each place and context but
also through their engagement with the local communities and their activities. The
recorded material will be used to produce and create their own sound compositions
based on compositional electroacoustic techniques. Throughout the residency, the
participants will have the opportunity to collate their individual audio library though their
everyday soundscapes recordings. The residency is open to both experienced sound
artists and people who are interested in acoustic ecology, recording artists, musicians.


C. Landscape photography 9-16 September – 950€/person

More information and description of the trip will follow soon.


D. Freediving & spearfishing 15-22 July & 1-8 October – 950€/person

This is a spearfishing/freediving/sailing cruise in cooperation with FreediveGreece, the
best free diving school in Greece and the national champions in spearfishing that will
take place in one of the most breathtaking parts of the Ionian Sea. This 7-day event will
offer participants the opportunity to expand their knowledge in spearfishing, freediving
techniques and sailing. The cruise will take place in the south Ionian Sea around the islands
of Kastos, Kalamos and Ithaca; all very beautiful islands appropriate for freediving
and underwater observation. More information can be found at the attached file.


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